Morning Routines and Why You Should Have One

Morning Routines and Why You Should Have One

“If you win the morning, you win the day!”

I forget where I first read about morning routines. As a remote employee for many years and now someone who is self-employed, I know first hand the importance of routines, especially when it comes to starting the day!

In college, I actually had good routines, partly out of necessity. After graduation however, I was a work from home employee and those routines slowly started to fade as did my ambition and the amount I was able to accomplish. Don’t get me wrong, I was still doing well at work, but my personal life was suffering. I was feeling sluggish, staying in my pajamas all day. My personal space was getting disorganized and so was I. The list was growing longer each year as was my personal discontent.  When I read about having a morning routine, a switch flipped in my mind…

I need one ASAP!

Morning routines are important because they are small wins that start the day off in a positive way. The brain loves to feel like we are accomplishing tasks. It will even release feel good chemicals such as dopamine as a reward. Something as small as crossing a task off your list is enough to initiate the chemical response.

I’m not perfect with my current morning routine, but I realize how important it is to my well-being. Yesterday is a perfect example. As a reward for getting a lot accomplished recently, I decided to stay in bed and watch Netflix. It was nice at first, but as noon rolled around I wasn’t feeling that great. I decided to quickly re-adjust. The beauty of a routine is that you know exactly how to re-adjust! I got up, made my bed, got dressed, brushed my teeth, took some omega 3 oil and headed for the gym. Instantly, I felt better and not just physically, but my self confidence improved as well.

I usually have 5 to 10 small morning routines, but I don’t have to accomplish all of them for my day to be successful. Three routines completed, and it’s still a good day! Trying to be perfect when it comes to anything can be a detriment. Do what you can and long as you’re doing something!

For some additional inspiration, check out this Huffington Post article by Cathryn Lavery.

Have a great day!