How to Stop Worrying

How to Stop Worrying

“How to Stop Worrying and Start Living” – Dale Carnegie Book Review

I struggle with being an excessive worrier. Even as a child my mind would obsess over all sorts of “what ifs”. In an attempt to help, someone gave me “How to Stop Worrying and Start Living” by Dale Carnegie.

I am going to share points of interest as I read. Hopefully you will find it as helpful as I do.

Chapter 1: Live in “Day-Tight Compartments”

“A few months before he spoke at Yale, Sir William Osler had crossed the Atlantic on a great ocean liner where the captain, standing on the bridge, could press a button and –presto!–there was a clanging of machinery and various parts of the ship were immediately shut off from one another–shut off into water tight compartments. “Now each one of you,” Dr. Osler said to those Yale students, “is a much more marvelous organization than the great liner, and bound on a longer voyage. What I urge is that you so learn to control the machinery as to live with ‘day-tight compartments’ as the most certain way to ensure safety on the voyage.”

Shut off the past! Shut off the future, the future is today!  This doesn’t mean to neglect planning for the future, but the best way to prepare for tomorrow is to concentrate on today.

The author recommends to ask yourself these questions and write down the answers.

  1. Do I tend to put off living in the present in order to worry about the future, or to yearn for some “magical rose garden over the horizon”?
  2. Do I sometimes embitter the present by regretting things that happen in the past–that are over and done with?
  3. Do I get up in the morning determined to “Seize the day”–to get the utmost out of the twenty-four hours?
  4. Can I get more out of live by “living in day-tight compartments”?
  5. When shall I start to do this? Next week?…Tomorrow?…Today?

Additional chapter reviews coming soon! If your interested in purchasing the book, click here.