Exercise and Endorphins

Exercise and Endorphins

Biking to Denmark!

My husband and I decided to get some exercise and bike from Sweden to Denmark. The distance for our route seemed manageable…70 kilometers, 43 miles spit over two days.  Especially since we have family at the half way point and would have an extra two days to rest in between. The bike paths were really beautiful! However the weather was not in our favor and neither were my quads. Apparently I was not in optimal biking shape. After hitting rain, strong headwinds and stopping for breaks, we arrived 5 hours later than expected.

Either way, the trip was spectacular. There is something about getting fresh air, beautiful views and exercise at the same time. It doesn’t have to be an elaborate trip either. In the past, I’ve felt the same rush of endorphins just riding around the block.

Endorphins are the body’s natural feel good chemicals. They interact with brain receptors to help you feel at ease and more focused. They actually work similarly to anti-anxiety medication. Activating your body’s endorphins is a great natural way to cope with difficult situations, depression, anxiety and overall bad moods.

Other ways to release endorphins:

  • Eat Healthy
  • Laugh More
  • Learn Something New
  • Connect with Others
  • Massages
  • Aromatherapy
  • Nature and Sunshine

If you’re feeling less than great today, get some extra endorphins!